How to sell with us…

Sort & Drop

Gather your clothing and accessories together and drop off at the shop. The items just need to be relevant to the current season, clean, fresh and in great condition! If you are a new client we will take your details and open you a file with us.

Within one week you must collect items that are not suitable for the shop or choose to send them to charity.

A STOCK LIST of items selected for sale will be available at this point too.


The selected items will be catalogued, ticketed, steamed and merchandised for sale. Prices will be set according to brand, condition, age and demand.The items will be offered for sale for SEVEN weeks. For FOUR weeks they will be displayed at full price. For TWO weeks at half price and ONE week on the £5 SALE RAIL. The items will then be sent to charity.

After the forth week, clients  can use their STOCK LIST to locate items in store and remove them from sale.


Client commissions will be ready to collect at the end of each SEASON. Spring sales commissions will be ready from JUNE. Summer sales from SEPTEMBER. Autumn sales from DECEMBER.Winter sales from MARCH.

We will have a cheque or cash prepared for you!