Suki’s Store

Uncollected, faulty and unsold items can be donated for our
in-store charity events or Suki’s Store Market Stall at The Suffolk’s Markets.

Another great way we recycle the unwanted items is our new ReVamp Fashion Student Collaboration Project. Young designers have the opportunity to re-work and customise clothing, reclaim vintage fabrics and develop a range of unique and individual items.

We will be showcasing these items and the young designers during the Street Markets…watch this space! 

We often get offered real fur to sell on for clients. ReVamp has a strict NO FUR policy .. We do not want encourage the abhorrent modern fur industry.  

We can arrange for vintage and family heritage coats to be remade into practical, usable items such as bed throws and cushions. Unsuitable fur and scrap fur is donated to a Wildlife Sanctuary that uses the fur as natural nesting material, supporting young wildlife… a final respect for the original animal.